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Who we are

After many years of establishing ourselves in the industry, both companies from the Koudsi & Ballo families decided it was time to take the business to the next level and this is how KB Denim was introduced to the market just to expand the supply of quality denim in the MENA region, Africa and eventually to the world.

An innovative textiles company with sustainable solutions for your denim supply. Since then, we sure that our system runs smoothly, from spinning through weaving to delivery of the fabric you ordered, and it is this closed and in-house production cycle under one roof. Our approach maintained a consistent ongoing production until today.

How did we start?

◎ With three generations running our small business, the family business originally started in 1955 with the trade of original fabrics and apparel, slowly made its way into the industry and thrived in the fabric manufacturing business in the 1970’s, along with selling high-quality clothing.

◎ In 1997 we started manufacturing and producing our own denim fabric, by weaving the high quality materials we had already obtained.

◎ While in 2002, we reformed the process by adding a vital step to the system, spinning completed the full cycle of denim production and we were able to handle Process from the ground up to focus on craftsmanship per meter of KB Denim fabrics.

◎ In 2012, we moved to Egypt to conquer a whole new market, where we established a strong base to help us deliver KB denim all over the world. KB introduced weaving and dyeing into the denim manufacturing process for a full cycle of production, giving us the credibility of the denim experts we are today.


Our vision is to be the leading manufacturer of innovative and high quality jeans and gabardine fabric through greener ecosystem to meet the needs of all our customers


We are committed to the satisfaction and comfort of our customers locally and globally, with a high quality product through continuous development in manufacturing techniques and raw materials, using the latest manufacturing methods while maintaining high quality

Our workforce is the foundation for the success of our institution, so we have a great interest in developing the skills and training of all employees to be distinguished in providing premium service and best customer experience.

To be committed to our responsibility towards environmental sustainability by manufacturing products that comply with international standards

Core Values



Emphasizing the quality of our products, which requires a continuous effort from everyone.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our goal, thus we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers with an optimal level of service.



Always working to find new ideas and designs in line with the taste of our customers.



We respect our commitments with all customers, whether with regard to the final product or delivery dates.


According to the World Wide Fund (WWF), it takes more than 20,000 liters (5,283 gallons) of water to produce just one kilogram of cotton, which is roughly the equivalent of just a pair of jeans.

By all means, this is not how a responsible entity contributes to a greener planet. That is why we ensure strict quality control and trained experts to ensure best practices during the manufacturing process using certified machinery with the highest technology that helps us ensure minimal denim waste.



Traditional Denim made from 100% cotton with perfect texture that mold to the body with each wear. lighter, more breathable, durable, and easy to wash and make.


It comes with softer texture and thinner in construction. It is perfect for summer and spring collections. It will keep you cool in dry heat and humidity.

Maximum Comfort

It is a comfort flexible first-class denim fabric with a fabulous soft interior for all seasons. It is made from premium stretch denim fabric.

All Black

Black denim’s is the all-time classic color that survived along all the new trends.

Straight Flexible

It became so popular among all generations. It is made from stretch denim fabricated from cotton and special materials.


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